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We invite school and community groups, individuals and families, all around the world to fold a peace crane or dove, fill its wings with words and pictures of peace, then through us, trade it with another child somewhere in the world.

We host the Peace Crane Project every day of the year. We are currently developing a new and better engine to run the 2019 exchange list. While the list is offline, we will personally help to connect you. Many groups choose to join us for the United Nations International Day of Peace, held each September 21. If you plan to join us in September, please sign up as far in advance as possible and begin to plan as soon as you are able. There are many United Nations days that you can celebrate with an exchange of peace cranes! Please sign up for our newsletter to learn all the ways you can incorporate our program into your classroom or community group’s activities.

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Have your students read our book about Sadako Sasaki? Co-written by Peace Crane Project Founder Sue DiCicco and Sadako’s older brother Masahiro Sasaki, The Complete Story of Sadako Sasaki brings Sadako’s true and complete story to English readers for the first time. Many teachers choose to read this book with their students while participating in the Peace Crane Project. 100% of the profits are donated to The Peace Crane Project and the Sadako Legacy NPO You can read more about it here. 

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