GoDaddy Inc. is sponsoring the participation of 250,000 students!

Elevating Inc. is sponsoring the participation of  50,000 students!

Digital Roar Inc. is sponsoring the participation of 50,000 students!

The Peace Crane Project is the largest student-based peace initiative in the world!
We operate efficiently, on a tiny budget of 5 cents USD per participant. We are looking for your help to cover this cost. Your sponsorship will help us:

  1. Manage the Peace Crane Project
  2. Maintain our website:
  3. Create a library of educational videos, printable guides, and activities
  4. Fund our weekly newsletter, read by educational leaders all around the world
  5. Bring live events into classrooms most in need

What we can offer you:

  1. Your logo on our newsletter, read by thousands of teachers, librarians, and community leaders around the world
  2. Shout-outs to our 180,000 followers on social media
  3. Your logo on printable downloads on the website, accessed by teachers. community leaders, parents, and students in 154 countries, and hand distributed to major school districts in the USA
  4. Visibility on signage at Peace Festivals around the globe
  5. Origami paper with your logo distributed at events and in classrooms throughout the USA

We are also seeking in-kind sponsors that can provide services, paper, technical support, marketing, and promotional assistance.

The opportunity to directly engage your employees and their families can become part of our focus as well. Crane folding at company events, recruiting volunteers to assist at local festivals, and encouraging your families to exchange cranes with others within your company and community will be an important part of our partnership with you.

For more information, please contact us.

Just Want To Donate?